How to Pre Order Yarns

We realize it's a little tricky, because you'll see all these gorgeous things on Instagram, but it will look as though nothing is for sale! Whats a knitter to do?! The way we operate is a hybrid system of pre orders and inventory yarns. Because there is fresh inspiration each month, and because we have hundreds of colours, we rotate our colours every month. Pre orders are available starting on 2nd or 3rd monday of every month, and I will announce the date well in advance. Pre order windows run for five business days. Click here to go to the current pre order page.

I'll generally have between 6 and 12 colours available, depending on where the inspiration takes us and how things are going with supply chains at the time. I release a shopping guide online that covers off the colours, what they look like on each base, what they look like swatched up, which end is the extension and what products I can make on that colour. Click here to see the latest shopping guide.

Click on the product and you will be taken to a page where you can choose the base, size and  quantity. Please note that kits for hats/gloves, sock twins and sweaters will be listed separately from the main yarn listing. 

All yarns in this section are dyed to order, so please give us about a month to complete and ship everything. We tend to ship within 30 days of closing the pre order window at latest (so we can open a new window!). Inventory yarns are available all the time, and I will make an effort to keep this section stocked regularly so the website is never totally empty of yarns. We are a company of 2 people, with a third who is part time, so please do have patience with us when it comes to emails, shipping and such!