What is Ombré?

Ombré /ˈɒmbər/ (literally "shaded" in French) is the gradual blending of colour, to shift hue and tone throughout the entire piece to create a gradient effect.

Ombré yarn is different from variegated yarn in a few ways; instead of all the colours being represented together, you will experience one colour at a time as your piece grows. Complex textures that might get lost in variegated yarn shine in ombré yarn, and the constant changing of colour is a delight to watch as you progress through your knitting. The results a unique and lovely piece that graduates slowly in colour from one end to the other.

The Blue Brick yarns are long-run ombré skeins, hand dyed in small batches. Each colourway is based on a photograph that we took ourselves, and our colours are dyed to match our inspiration images. Each skein of The Blue Brick yarn ships with a 4x6 postcard of the inspiration photo as a keepsake, and when we sell to stores these postcards are provided along with the yarn. 

Due to the intense production time involved with ombré yarn, we only dye 20 skeins per day. We do not dye blanks, and we do not inject cakes of yarn; it’s our own, super secret recipe.

While all our photography has been colour-corrected for accuracy, please note that variations between skeins, and also between monitors will occur. Each colour is dyed solo, and there are no dye lots, so small variations from skein to skein are part of the hand made process, much like variegated yarns. We therefore recommend that customers stripe their yarns if creating a multiple skein project. 

Each skein is heat set and then rinsed twice. The first rinse is a hot water/yarn conditioner blend with shea butter and lanolin oil, to rinse off excess dye and replenish the lanolin content of the yarn; creating a wonderfully soft product. The second rinse is in a low pH bath, to ensure that the dye is completely set. As with all hand dyed products, minor bleeding may still occur, and we recommend hand washing finished objects in cold water, and laying flat to dry.

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