Our yarns are named for our favourite parts of Ontario

Killarney Sock

Killarney is a municipality located on the northern shore of Georgian Bay in the Sudbury District of Ontario, Canada. Killarney is commonly associated with Killarney Provincial Park. We've driven to Killarney park on only one occasion and I was blown away by the natural beauty of the region. With a high nylon content and great stitch definition, this yarn shines on socks, shawls, sweaters, and anything else you can imagine.

  • Content:80% Superwash Merino/20% Nylon
  • Suggested Needle Range: 1.75mm (socks) - 4mm (garments and shawls)
  • Wraps per Inch: 17

Niagara Silk Singles

The Niagara Escarpment is a long escarpment in the United States and Canada that runs predominantly east/west. The escarpment is most famous as the cliff over which the Niagara River plunges at Niagara Falls. We live in Burlington, which is bordered by Lake Ontario on the south and the Escarpment in the north. Luxurious and soft, this yarn is perfect for special items being worn close to the skin.

  • Content: 75% Superwash Merino / 15% Cashmere / 10% Silk
  • Suggested Needle Range: 2mm - 4mm
  • Wraps per Inch: 19

Huron MCN Sock

Lake Huron is one of the five great lakes that straddle the Canada/USA border. Huron is the first freshwater lake I ever swam in, and in my memory the water is sweet, making it the perfect name for our most luxurious blend.

  • Content:70% Superwash Merino/20% Cashmere /10% Nylon
  • Suggested Needle Range: 1.75mm (socks) - 4mm (garments and shawls)
  • Wraps per Inch: 22

Manitoulin Sparkle Sock

Manitoulin Island sits in Lake Huron and is the largest freshwater island in the world. The First Nations to live on the island named it "cave of the spirit" (Manidoowaaling in Odawa). The idea of the spirits, flickering little lights in the darkness, gave rise to this name for our sparkle cashmere base. With a high cashmere content, drape and shine this yarn is perfect for special projects.

  • 80% Superwash Merino/10% Cashmere/10% Stellina
  • Suggested Needle Range: 3mm - 4.5mm
  • Wraps per Inch: 20

Point Pelee Lace

Point Pelee is the southernmost tip of Canada - from a latitudinal level it's the same as Northern California. During much of the year it's comparably warm, making us think of light knits and featherweight cardigans. It's more of a light fingering than a true lace, and the softness and drape makes this 2-ply a true pleasure to work with.

  • 80% Superwash Merino/10% Cashmere/10% Nylon
  • Suggested Needle Range: 3mm - 4mm
  • Wraps per Inch: 20