About Our Yarns

We offer a full line of MCN (Merino/Cashmere/Nylon blends) from Light Fingering to DK Weight, a hard-working sock base, and two delightful novelty bases; Cashmere Sparkle and Silk Singles. All our bases are named for our favourite places in our beautiful home province of Ontario, Canada. 

We also now offer extension skeins for each gradient colourway, available in all bases. We still strongly recommend alternating skeins to get a smooth transition.

Because most of our yarns are dyed-to-order, please note that it will take a few weeks to get your order dyed and ready for you. Most yarns take an agerage of 4-6 weeks and mega gradients can take up to 8. We are a two-person company and we hand-paint every precious yard using our own super secret method, I promise the wait is worth it! If there is a colour you want that you don't see here please fill out this form and tell us :) 

Our Gradient Yarns come in 4 standard lengths:

LADYBUG: 300 yds | HUSKY: 500 yds | MAMMOTH: 800 yds | BEAST MODE: 1200 yds

Our Tonal yarns come in the manufactures sizes as follows:

Point Pelee: 625 yds | Manitoulin: 420 yds | Killarney: 420 yds | Escarpment DK: 280 yds
Huron: 420 yds | Muskoka DK: 280 yds | Niagara: 490 yds | Simcoe: 200 yds

Gradient Extension Skeins:

Gradient extension skeins are smaller skeins, dyed to match one end of the gradient. They are dyed together with the main gradient for the best possible match, though I recommend striping between skeins to soften any transitions that may occur. 

Do you want a knitted-on shawl collar in a colour guaranteed to match? Are you doing a seamed project and want to build the sweater in pieces, or simply want something other than top down seamless construction? Do you want insurance against running out of yarn on a shawl? Or perhaps a mirrored baby blanket, or scarf? Do you want a cowl to match a slouchy hat? To extend a sweater to tunic length? This method, we hope, offers maximum possibilities for you! All extension skeins come in 300 yd increments.

Please make sure you buy enough yarn for the entire project at once, extensions purchased later are not guaranteed to match. 

The Bases

Killarney Sock

80% Merino / 20% Nylon | 4-ply | wpi: 15

Killarney sock is our most popular base, a hard-wearing fingering weight blend with 20% nylon for strength.

Huron MCN Sock

70% Merino / 20% Cashmere / 10% Nylon | 3-ply | wpi: 16

Huron is our luxury sock base; this is the go-to base for buttery soft shawls and accessories! It takes colour beautifully and has a lovely sheen.

Point Pelee MCN Heavy Lace

80% Merino / 10% Cashmere / 10% Nylon | 2-ply | wpi: 18

Point Pelee is a heavy lace to a light fingering weight, with a lot of drape and shine. It's tremendously soft and blocks generously, making it perfect for complex lace work.

Muskoka MCN DK

80% Merino / 10% Cashmere / 10% Nylon | 3-ply | wpi: 12

Muskoka DK is a bouncy 3-ply that really shines in sweaters, ponchos, mittens, hats, anything, really! Even heavy winter shawls look and feel great in this saturated, shiny base.

Manitoulin Sparkle

80% Merino / 10% Cashmere / 10% Stellina | 3-ply | wpi: 17

Manitoulin is a customer favourite and it's silky soft; no scratchiness from the stellina at all. The sparkle gives the yarn a definite festive feel, and it takes colour like a dream.

Niagara Silk Singles

75% Merino / 15% Cashmere / 10% Silk | 1-ply | wpi: 16

Despite being a single ply, this yarn can actually take a decent beating. It takes colour beautifully, but appears slightly muted due to a lovely, subtle halo.

Simcoe Worsted

80% Merino / 10% Cashmere / 10% Nylon | 4-ply | wpi: 8

Our worsted weight base is only available in tonal yarns but it toally packs a punch with rich colour, buttery softness, crisp stitch definition and a cashmere content that makes it perfect for accessories with a little luxury.

Escarpment DK

100% Merino | 3-ply | wpi: 12

This is a hard working Dk weight base in 100% Merino. Great for accessories and sweaters that require a bit more stucture.

FLOOF! Spinning Braids


100% Superfine Merino, 19.5 micron


80% Superwash Merino /
10% Cashmere / 10% Stellina


70% Superwash Merino /
20% Cashmere / 10% Silk