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How do you use a gradient? What patterns work best? How do you make sure you got the most out of the skein without missing any transitions? Take a look at our gallery to see what can be done, and to get ideas for how to use your skein!


Gradients have many advantages; the best one being that several colours can be present in a skein and each one will get its chance to shine. A gradient means that each colour will transition smoothly into the next in large blocks of gently undulating colour.

Gradient yarns are ideal for cable and lace detail because there is no background detail to detract from your work.


To get the most out of a gradient, you have to use at least 85% of your skein. This is why we make a variety of sizes and a great selection of patterns that are all built around the idea of maximizing your gradient. Patterns written to be adjustable, with sections that can be repeated or worked until you run out are your best call.


The patience shawl was designed to use either a husky (500 yds), a mammoth (800 yds) or a beast mode (1200 yds) so no matter what size of yarn you decided to take home with you, there is a pattern ready to go that will highlight the beauty of the gradient. Instructions and stitch counts for all three sizes are included in the pdf file. The pattern is beginner-friendly with one tricky part; the Estonian Braid. Directions for the Estonian Braid are given in the pattern instructions.


The Eventide sweater was designed to take advantage of our sweater kits. A loose neckline with a bit of easy lacework provides a femine yolk that can be worn slightly off the shoulder for a flirty look. There are no short rows or waist shaping, making this a beginner friendly sweater. The hem can be made longer if desired for a tunic length.

More ideas are always coming!

Check back on this page to see the latest on gradient ideas and innovations as we continue to evolve our offering!

Road Trip Shawl in Shark Encounter

Sandy Wrap in Blossom

Cicada Shawl in Seafoam

Habanero Cardigan in Venice

Migration Shawl in Kilauea

Emy Shawl in Feather