Gradient Project Kits

You're not limited to making shawls with gradient yarns! We have done the math and created a series of kits for our customers that allow them to get the most versatility our of our work.

You can make:

Sweaters - Either all-over gradients, or solid with gradient sleeves.

Socks - Twin gradients for matching feet with a small complimentary skein for the heel, so your gradient can go unbroken.

Hats & Gloves - A pair of smallers gradients for fingerless gloves plus one large one for a touque.


All-over Gradient Sweaters - How it Works

You get one big gradient skein for the torso, two smaller gradients for the sleeves, and an extension of the top of the gradient. We have three size options and they cover off a wide range of beautiful bodies! Kit cost will vary by base chosen at checkout.

Please note that I have recently changed the way the yardage works to allow for more flexibiilty at the yoke. Older kits may not correspond to the yardage listed here.


DK Weight Sweater Size A:
Total yardage: 1100 | Body: 500 | Each Sleeve: 150 | Each Ext: 150

DK Weight Sweater Size B:
Total yardage: 1400 | Body: 600 | Each Sleeve: 200 | Each Ext: 200

DK Weight Sweater Size C:
Total yardage: 1700 | Body: 700 | Each Sleeve: 250 | Each Ext: 250

Sock Weight Sweater Size A:
Total yardage: 1400 | Body: 600 | Each Sleeve: 200 | Each Ext: 200

Sock Weight Sweater Size B:
Total yardage: 1700 | Body: 700 | Each Sleeve: 250 | Each Ext: 250

Sock Weight Sweater Size C:
Total yardage: 2000 | Body: 800 | Each Sleeve: 300 | Each Ext: 300

We suggest you chose a pattern that is a top-down, seamless raglan design. Either a pullover or a cardigan should be fine, but bear in mind that if you choose a cardigan pattern with a knitted-on button band or shawl collar you will need to use one of the extension skeins, and it will create a line of solid colour down the front of your gradient (which could be very cool but you should still make sure it’s what you want!). In addition, we strongly recommend that you stripe between skeins whenever possible; tonals and gradients are dyed together but using separate methods and this ensures the best possible transition.

You will choose the solid coloured extension skeins to work your yoke. Ideally you want to complete the yoke and move to sleeve separation before you finish this colour. If the extensions are not enough, no sweat, you will attach your body skein and proceed as usual. Your body skein should take you the rest of the way to the hemline. 

When it comes time to work the sleeves, if you got it all in on the first skein you should be able to match the sleeve to the yoke easily. If you had to proceed a little ways into the body skein your sleeve stitches may already be a slightly different colour. You will need to remove yardage from the sleeve skeins until you arrive at a point that matches the sleeve. 

Gradient Sleeve Sweaters - How it works

Gradient extension skeins are smaller skeins, dyed to match one end of the gradient. They are dyed together with the main gradient for the best possible match, though I recommend striping between skeins to soften any transitions that may occur. 

Do you want a knitted-on shawl collar in a colour guaranteed to match? Are you doing a seamed project and want to build the sweater in pieces, or simply want something other than top down seamless construction? Do you want insurance against running out of yarn on a shawl? Or perhaps a mirrored baby blanket, or scarf? Do you want a cowl to match a slouchy hat? To extend a sweater to tunic length? This method, we hope, offers maximum possibilities for you!

Please make sure you buy enough yarn for the entire project at once, extensions purchased later are not guaranteed to match. 

To build your own sweater; Click on “Gradient Sleeve Sweater” for your chosen colour. From the drop down menu, choose your base. Two sleeve skeins are already included in the project at 300 yds each. From the next drop down menu, chose the number of extensions you will require for your project. 

For all other projects; purchase the yarn you need for your project, and then navigate to the listing for the extension of that colour and purchase the number of extensions needed. Please make sure you order the same base for both main and extension skeins.

Hats, Gloves & Sock Kits

Sock twins are paired gradients at 150 yards each. To enjoy a continuous gradient across your project, we recommend using a contrast colour for the heel. Please see below for our complimentary top down recipe. 

The socks pictured are the standard recipe with a simple stitch pattern grafted on; the pattern as written is stockinette, but makes an excellent canvas for your favourite stitch.


Cast on and Ribbing

Using your favourite stretchy cast on, cast on 56 (64, 72) stitches. Join in the round, being careful not to twist.Ribbing Round: *k1, p1*, repeat from * to end of round.

Repeat Ribbing Round an additional 11 rounds (12 rounds of ribbing total).

Leg: Work in stocking stitch (knit every round) for 6 - 7 inches (or preferred length)

Heel: Attach contrast colour and work your heel using any of the following methods:

Fish Lips Kiss

Afterthought Heel

Sweet Tomato Heel

(Pictured heel is the Fish Lips Kiss).

FOOT: Once heel is complete, change back to main colour and return to stocking stitch (knit every round) until length is 1.5” shorter than required.

Toe Shaping:

Round 1: K1, ssk, k to three stitches before end of instep, k2tog, k1.  K1, ssk, k to three stitches before end of sole stitches, k2tog, k1. (4 sts dec.)

Round 2: K all stitches.

Repeat these two rounds 7 (8, 10) more times until you have 24 (28, 32) stitches left – or until the toe is your preferred width at the tip. To divide for grafting, place 12 (14, 16) on each of two needles.


Graft using Kitchener stitch, and weave in ends and wash/block. Proceed to second sock without suffering Second Sock Syndrome because THAT’S JUST HOW AMAZING YOUR SOCKS ARE =D

Hat & Glove Kits combine
1 larger hat skein with a pair of smaller glove skeins for a gradient accessory set.

DK Weight Kits contain: Hat - 200 yds, Gloves - 100 yds ea. 

Fingering Weight Kits contain: Hat- 240 yds, Gloves - 120 yds ea.