Major Life Upheaval (updates!)

May has been _insane_. I can honestly say I hope to not have another month like it. 

Let's start with good things; Knit City was epic! Thank you to everyone who made it special for us. We really enjoyed getting face time with our customers and colleagues (and of course shopping our faces off).

Ok, now not-so-fun things. The past year has been hard. I have not been as present at the company as I like to be. In a nutshell, mom had severe pain and mobility problems that started in the pandemic, culminating in a surgery-gone-bad in March of 2023. It's had an impact on our dyeing schedules, my attention span and energy levels and the general flow of our family life. 

I thought, "if I could get my parents, AND The Blue Brick under one roof, I could do better by both". Despite adding selling/staging and buying to our daily stressors, I knew it was the right move. We moved in late April. By May 31st, the company, and us, and my parents will all be together. My dad will have the support he's needed, and Tito and I will be able to care for mom, or the company, or split our efforts as needed (and the dogs will get spoiled by even more people. Win win win.). 

So here we are, within sight of the end of a very trying time. We have been so lucky, not only to be able to do what we have done with our family, but to have had supportive and patient customers along the way. We are asking for just a little more time to get the dye stations renovated and moved (the plan is to be dyeing here by a week tomorrow) and get my parents settled (they move this weekend) and get the company cleaned out (we lose possession May 31st). 

Is there yarn for sale? Yes, Borealis is up (from the recent SECOND mass celestial event that so many got to enjoy) and our speckle series is still up. In addition, by Friday I will have the remaining yarn from Knit City up as inventory. Everyone will get a little gift with their shipment until I run out; a free pattern, mini skein or silk scarf as a token of our gratitude. 

Please do not send anything to our Harvester Road address any more. We will release a new address as soon as we get a PO box set up for the company.

That's all for now, thank you for reading this far :) We wish you a wonderful Spring!

Love, us and the pups.