Pre Orders? Maybe...

Pre Orders? Maybe...

Pre Orders? Maybe...



Maybe not.

First of all, welcome back to the blog. I know I've kind of abandoned it lately, but hopefully it can once again be a tool for ideas that just don't fit into an IG post.

You may have noticed that our business models, sales dates, bases offered etc. seem to be in flux lately. Also shop updates have fewer items, leading to some cart jacking frustration. These measures are really just us trying to tread water in this unpredictable lockdown environment. Supply chains for yarn and dyes have been shaky, shipping is a nightmare, and we're working at half capacity until Ontario's state-of-emergency/mandatory lockdown is over. 

In addition, the shortened work days have made it hard to accommodate things like sweater quantities in our tonal line, there simply isn't ever enough of anything. A few days ago I invited people who missed out on Ireland to write us with their wish list, and it inspired the following:

The first Saturday of every month (beginning this weekend, Feb 6th) I will offer one tonal colour for pre order. You will be able to order as many units as you like, in whatever base you wish. This should allow folks who've wanted bigger orders to get what they need, with no cart jacking. This *does not affect* our regular shop updates of ready-to-ship inventory yarn which, until the lockdown is over, will be updated to the shop every Thurday at 4pm EST. 

Here's how it will work:

  • Only one colour is offered for pre order per month. This month it will be Ireland.
  • The pre order period lasts from noon to midnight, eastern time, on our website, on the first Saturday of each month.
  • You will pay at the time of pre order, because the next day I will stock all the yarn needed to complete the entire colourway. 
  • We reserve the right to cancel and refund the order if it turns out the base you want is not available. 
  • We will be capping the number of preorders to keep it manageable, but the cap will be quite high and shouldn't impact anyone.
  • I will dye and ship them all before the end of the month. I cannot guarantee shipping times once it leaves my hands, but it will leave our studio before the month is out. I do not want to end up in a situation again where I am still dyeing the previous orders and launching the next months colour. 

Will gradients ever be available as a pre order?

Yes and no; at this time I am not planning on making gradients the "colour of the month" for preorder. However, we invite anyone who has been looking for something special to write to us at and tell us what it is. We will put it into an excel file, and the next time we are dyeing that colourway we'll shoot you an email to let you know. If you're still interested we will dye one just for you.  However, we will not be opening up the ability to pre order gradients the way it used to work,  and I don't think we ever will again. We also cannot guarantee that, when the time comes, we will have the base and quantity you want. It's best to let us know so you're on the radar and we can work out what's doable when that colour comes around again. 

now for some fun

Exclusive to our tonal line, and also available for the preorder colours, I'm bringing back Muskoka Luxe, our MCN DK weight, with spring and bounce and deep, saturated colour. Shiny and strong, this is one of our most delightful bases.  

80% Superwash Merino, 10% Cashmere, 10% Nylon, 

250 yards/skein. 

Sample: The Maple Hat

Colourway: Black Cherry.


We're also bringing back our Tobermory Luxe MCN Worsted, with has all the same perks as the DK in a bouncy 4 ply yarn. It's shiny, it's warm, it's strong, and the stitch definition is just awesome!

80% Superwash Merino, 10% Cashmere, 10% Nylon, 250 yards/skein.  

Sample: The Almina Shawl  Colourway: Black Cherry


Every Thursday we will update our shop, just like we have been, with the colours that we dyed that week. That may go back to a 1st and a 15th update, when the lockdown is over, but for now that's where I'm at. So for folks who don't want to pre order or wait, our inventory system and shop updates will *not* change.  Starting this Saturday at noon, and until midnight, you'll be able to pre order the colour of the month, which for February will be Ireland :) We will see how this works out for us, and whether it is tenable for us to keep it on permanently, or whether it will need to be evolved over time to work for everyone. That goes for tonals. For gradients always feel free to tell us what your wishlist looks like, and if we can accommodate it the next time we run that colour then we will, and happily! Feel free to let us know your thoughts on the new system and we'll see how it works. 

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