A beautiful weekend with wonderful people

A beautiful weekend with wonderful people

This weekend Tito and I drove up to Coboconk Ontario to see a friend. We were looking forward to seeing him but didn’t expect the incredible weekend that was in store for us!


It turns out that his family lives in a winterized cottage, right on the lake. Their home is filled with art, pianos and pottery. They are also the most loving people imaginable, fascinating to talk to and, to boot, great cooks. We celebrated Earth hour with a feast by candlelight in a glassed-in patio facing the lake. They’ve got a dog – and everyone knows nothing was ever so perfect that it wasn’t made ten times better by the presence of a dog! Absolute heaven.

In the morning we discovered that something very special had happened.


So after an entire snow-free winter I got to take some of the pics I had been waiting for – serene mornings with a white coating on every single tree branch.

Thank you Annie, Jane and Ben for a wonderful weekend!

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