A New Kind of Club

A New Kind of Club


Big news – the Blue Brick is starting a yarn club (sorta)!


I say sorta because I want to do something unique with my club, which hopefully folks will find fresh and interesting. Here’s how it works:

In the first week of every month, I will release a colourway, and accompanying pattern. Could be a single-skein pattern, could be multi-skein, and could be any of our regular bases, or even a special new base. The kit will always come with one copy of the photo, a printed copy of the pattern, and enough yarn to complete the pattern (so the price will be different each time).


For 3 days, on Etsy, you will be able to buy the kit, along with as many extra skeins as you like. After that I will close the Etsy listing and start dyeing to order – with the goal of getting it all dyed and shipped within 2 weeks, so I can focus on the following months feature. In addition to this we will, of course, have at least one Etsy update a month featuring new colourways for sale.


There is no membership to sign up for; every month you make the call on whether you want to opt in for that colourway/pattern combo! Love the yarn enough to want a sweaters amount? You’ll be able to order that too.


The pattern and colourway will be exclusive to that months kit, but after the month is done I’ll make the pattern itself available on Ravelry, for anyone who just wants to purchase the pattern itself.


I think the model will work :) It allows each customer to decide whether they like the color each time, and to order more yarn if they want. There will be no cart-jacking on Etsy because the kit is available for 3 days. Of course, I will have to cap it somewhere, to make sure I can dye it all, but unless there is some mad rush I don’t see myself having to do that.


It also opens the door for some fun stuff, like KAL’s for each project.

Feel free to share your thoughts with me! The first installation will be available in the first week of January, so I’m designing away :)




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