A promo page! Took me long enough

A promo page! Took me long enough

Resin Jewelry

So I finally gave Resin Jewelry a permanent home on my blog. You can read about the book, review the table of contents, see photos of lovely things I’ve made, and read testimonials from folks who’ve purchase the book here.

If you’re not quite ready to give it a try but you want to follow my creative journey in resin, you can also show the book some Pinterest love here.

It’s been a crazy week :) I’m happy and grateful that the book has been so well received. To continue my personal resin adventure I’ll be starting the ‘Friday Shiny’ on the blog – where every Friday I’ll showcase a new resin project, to get your imaginations fired up and show how the same skills can be applied to fridge magnets, wine glass markers and Christmas tree ornaments.  I’m pretty excited about it :)

In the long term my goal is to expand ‘Resin Jewelry’ beyond it’s 40 pages into a full-sized book in the 100-120 page range, and then try to escape the self-publishing world in favour of having an actual publisher. The adventure continues!


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