August 1st Re Launch

August 1st Re Launch

We’re getting the store ready to reopen after a three month hiatus taken to move, expand, hire, renovate, innovate, and tackle a massive order list, the likes of which will probably give me the heebie jeebies for years to come ;)

Store update lands on August 1st, at 11am EST

We are *not* fully caught up folks, and for that I apologize. I honestly thought July would be it, but scaling opens a Pandora’s box of problems, all of which take time away from dyeing. We’ve had a roof leak, humidity and yarn drying issues, we had to wait to get internet, hot water, gas lines and electrical upgrades. We spent a lot of time trying to make sure we were as transparent as possible with customers and posting regular updates. But yes, I also kept creating because that’s what I do. It’s like breathing.

Please note a few things:

  • New orders will not supercede old orders. If you are waiting on yarn, your place in the queue will not change. These new orders will take 4-6 weeks to fulfill.
  • There will be a cap on how much we post of any given thing. When they sell out, they are gone for now but will be restocked every few weeks as we get caught up.
  • We ask that, for this first sale, you not ask us to combine shipping with an older order. Just this once, just so we can keep our older orders flowing without a hitch.

Disclaimers done :) Here is what we’re bringing to market!

Sweater Kits! I’m so proud of these. They are crafted specifically for creating gradient sweaters by utilizing a massive body gradient, two sleeve gradients, and “extension skeins” for the top and bottom. At the moment they are best suited to top down, in the round patterns (shown here in Flax Light by Tin Can Knits) and you will need to work to sleeve separation with the main yoke colour before changing to a gradient; to ensure a seamless transition to the sleeves.


Sizes and Pricing will be as follows. As always, all prices are in Canadian dollars:
Screen Shot 2019-07-31 at 2.48.25 PM

Sweater Kits will only be available in 6 colours to start:
Feather, Copper Slate, Rose Gold, Nicaragua, Waterfall and the slightly modified Seafoam shown in the sample above.
Next up – Mega Skeins! With the new space and my upgraded equipment I can dye larger than ever. Because I don’t dye from blanks, I can offer almost any yardage or fiber you can think of! Our new offerings are:

DK Weight Wooly Mammoth – 800 yards in one continuous gradient – $75
Aran/Worsted Weight Wooly Mammoth – 600 yards in one continuous gradient – $85

And now…

BEAST MODE – 1200 yards in one continuous gradient – created for the new Wingspan size by Vector Knits.
Killarney Sock: $89
Cashmere Sparkle: $115

DK Mammoth, Aran/Worsted Mammoth and Beast Mode Mammoth will only be available in these colours to start: Feather, Pigeon, Copper Slate, Ibis, Nicaragua, Muscovy, Aurora, Heron, Waterfall and Seafoam.


There is more! We’re having an opening party to celebrate the new space :) Please visit this link to RSVP. Please note that we are capping the party at 100 folks to make sure everyone has a good time with no crowding, and to make sure that we have enough food and drinks :) That means that if you definitely plan to come please mark yourself as “GOING” on facebook. It will be such a good time, with music and giveaways, a ribbon cutting, food, drink and prizes, an opportunity to buy from our heavily discounted seconds skeins, and we will also endeavour to stock some of our popular items so you can do a bit of shopping. My pups will be there, so we ask that you not bring your little ones just this one time, after that little ones are always welcome!

Whew! There is so much more coming in the future folks, I’ve actually trimmed this down and held stuff back so you still have new things to get excited about come fall. We will have “Cup Cakes” which are Killarney sock skeins, caked up, and placed inside of a hand thrown teacup that’s glazed to match. There will be a big sister to that, “Coffee Cakes” which will be giant, comfort sized mugs glazed to match with wooly mammoth cakes inside; perfect for gifting! My kiln and wheel arrive in three weeks or so and I cannot wait to get started bringing new and lovely things to you. There will be resin jewelry, ceramic yarn bowls, and my much overdue Mediterranean Collection. Coming soon after will be a floral colour line, complete with the actual matching flower preserved in resin jewelry. There will be holiday parties and regular knit nights. There will be classes. I am so excited that my creative muscles are in overdrive, and frankly, happy to see that they’ve thrived, despite a very challenging spring and summer.

As for my poor team, they are TROOPERS. Not to mention my poor husband who wryly asked if I wanted him to build a pen in the space next so we could “Just dye the entire bloody sheep and be over with it”. =D

That’s all for now folks!