Baby Gi

Baby Gi

My first baby sweater ever came off the needles this weekend! The expecting couple are both karate students, so it only made sense to try making a little karate gi:

©Shireen Nadir 2012

I used the Baby Garter Stitch Kimono pattern. The yarn is something I picked up in Boston from deep within the stash, but I remember that it was a super soft super wash merino. I used only about 2/3s of the ball for the infant sized pattern.

I read reviews from a few folks who found it to be a dull knit – but I loved it. I knitted most of it while waiting in line for rides at Canada’s wonderland, and this mindless portable little project was perfect.

The trim is from precious leftover Viola sock yarn. It occurred to me as I was knitting the sleeves that I was

  1. Knitting in the round on dpns
  2. Knitting using 3mm needles and sock yarn
  3. Successfully picking up stitches.

So of course I thought, ‘perhaps it’s time to brave a sock?’. Just think, how much more of a super deadly kninja I could be if I mastered dpns…

Because it’s meant to look like a baby karate uniform I opted for ties instead of buttons, but otherwise made no alternations to the pattern. A little teddy in place of the crest finished off the look. I gave it to them yesterday, they loved it :)

Ravelry project page here.