Back on the wheel – new yarn bowls at last!

Back on the wheel – new yarn bowls at last!

I’ve been experimenting with new glaze combinations and I think this one is the winner for me – so earthy and relaxing. The texture of the top glaze is my favourite part.

The textured finish on this one is achieved by filling my hands with ‘slip’. The slip is a combination of clay, water and in some cases, pigment. In this case I used only water and clay because I wanted to add texture but not colour. You smooth the mixture over the pot body until you’re happy with it, but not too thick because it can break off during the bisque firing.

These bowls were shot in my awesome new lightbox set up :) Here it is being used to shoot Tito’s paper maché sculpture. I love how it isolates the pots, evens out the light and allows me to control the reflections. I definitely recommend one for anyone who documents their own crafts.

Lastly, I had to show a close up of the glaze – the texture created in the kiln as the copper component separates is a work of art unto itself.

These bowls are only available at the Purple Purl here in Toronto – check them out not just for the bowls but for an awesome selection of Canadian yarn artists!