Best Friends

Best Friends

A few weeks ago, on possibly the last really warm and sunny day of autumn, I had the honour of doing the engagement shoot for 2 dearly loved friends; Kris and Kevin.

We shot at the very beautiful Cheltenham Badlands. They’re a very short drive outside of Toronto – what a great find!

Sitting and standing and clambering around on the hills left my subjects very dirty ;)

I couldn’t have asked for more beautiful light – golden and soft.

I also couldn’t have asked for more beautiful people :)

I love the colour of the ground and the sky in this shot – so intense!

The 4 of us had a few funny moments, slipping and sliding around on the hills. There’s Tito in the background helping me out with the reflector.

Tito and I plan to come back and shoot this beautiful spot in the winter as well. It looks like there are some great hiking trails around.

Since it was so close by we finished the shoot at one of my favourite spots – the Terra Cotta reserve.

And a final shot of the 4 of us together :)

I have known Kris nearly all of my life – we’ve been best friends for 22 years. She’s a beautiful girl, inside and out, brilliant, compassionate, loyal, patient and incredibly caring. She was a fan of my photography long before I had taken my first decent photo. I have watched her grow from a shy teenager into a beautiful woman, and I would do anything for her. Cuaderno is a spanish word for a good friend that loosely translates as ‘we have written many books together’. That’s how I think of Kris.

Dear Kris and Kevin; I value having you in my life more than I could ever express and I wish you both every happiness that life has to offer!


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