Blocking Lace

Blocking Lace

This week I finally finished the diagonal lace scarf I’ve been working on. This scarf was knit on 4mm needles, using 3 balls of Debbie Bliss Eco Baby (100% organic fair trade yarn) and the pattern for the wakefield scarf.

Blocking A Scarf (or any finicky piece of lace)

1. Go to Canadian Tire and buy children’s foam floor tiles.

2. Get lots of pins. I mean lots, rust proof is good.

3. For the process I defer to the excellent article on Eunny Knits for blocking lace.

4. Arrange your puzzle piece boards in the way best befitting your project (one of the best things about using these boards, all in a row for a scarf, in a triangle for a shawl etc. Taken apart they also store under the bed easily)

5. Keep kittens and other household companions away from your board for a few hours.

This is the first scarf I’ve ever blocked, and what a difference! It became a foot longer, about 4 inches wider and stopped curling in at the edges. I liked the results so much that I’m making another scarf in the fabulous Rhythm by Tanis – will post pics soon =o)

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