Blue Hour Ice

Blue Hour Ice


There will be an update on The Blue Brick’s Etsy site on Friday November 27th at 11am, EST.  In addition to our regular offerings, there will be Christmas kits available :) Christmas kits will be available for all bases except Point Pelee Lace and Manitoulin Merino, will cost $45 per kit, and will include the following:

1 Skein of yarn, in your choice of base and colour
1 Printed Knitting pattern, suited to your yarn (more on this soon!)
1 Framable 8×10 metallic print of the photo that inspired the yarn

When adding things to your cart, simple choose either ‘Holiday Gift Pack’ or ‘Just the Yarn Please!’ from the drop down menu.

Today’s new colour way also comes from the ice storm Toronto had a few years ago. It was a tough Christmas for some; there were a lot of homes without power and the weight of the ice had downed many trees across the GTA creating transit issues, damaged property and delays in public services.


The ice storm also brought out the Christmas spirit for people; folks who had power opened their homes to those without, holiday meals were shared with those who were not able to stay in their homes and people came together to help, both with the clean up, and each other.


This is not the first, or the last, colour way to come from the ice storm that year, but I definitely think they all qualify as holiday themes :)