Brigus South

Brigus South


Back to Newfoundland for a few more pics – These are from the little village of Brigus South.


There are 2 things about Brigus South that I found especially charming. The first thing was this odd little group of birds.


The Goose (note the capital ‘G’) appears to be the Boss. Everywhere s(he?) went, this little crowd of ducks would follow. It was super cute, and, much like Newfoundlanders, the birds were incredibly, (and, to city folk like us, oddly) friendly. Domesticated maybe?


The other charming thing was the graveyard. The cemetery appears to go back at least to the 1700’s, but instead of traditional markers there was only one cross marking a grave, a large cross that was a war memorial, and the rest of the graves were marked simply with pieces of the headland wedged into the ground.

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This was the headland where we guessed the headstones had come from. It has a certain charm, to be laid to rest in such a beautiful place, with a piece of the cliff as your marker, don’t you think?

3V8A0496 3V8A0486

Only a few more Newfoundland photos to get through, but I am also knitting, designing, resining and spinning, so look for the return of the crafty stuff soon!