Canada Post – Now what?

Canada Post – Now what?

With the possibility of an imminent lockout/strike by Canada Post many of you are wondering what this means for yarn!

Our understanding is that the work stoppage, if it occurs, will begin July 2nd. We are not sure what the extent of this work stoppage will be. There are alternatives – USPS for the states, Fedex for Europe etc. couriers for here within Canada, but the costs involved with shipping with these carriers far exceeds what we charge our customers at checkout, and for a company as small as ours, this can be devastating.

Our solution is an imperfect one, but here it is. We have already shipped all orders from the recent Etsy sale, and are working with the goal of getting all outstanding orders in the mail by this Wednesday June 29th. If the work stoppage goes through, we will cancel and refund all orders that did not ship out by Wednesday. If the work stoppage does not occur, then it’s business as usual :) We are working around the clock and doubling production to make this happen.

In the meantime, to be on the safe side, you’ll notice that we’ve shut our store down a few days ahead of schedule, just to add a little buffer. All customers who are concerned about their order are welcome to write to me at :) Hopefully the stoppage won’t occur and this will be a non-event, but we are planning around it just in case!


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