Decisions Decisions

Decisions Decisions

Everyone who knows me knows that turquoise, browns and blues are my colours. Every time I walk into a yarn store I am lamentably predictable. But then… then I picked up this lovely thing.

Tanis Fiber Arts Iris

This is Iris, one of the new colours from Tanis Fiber Arts. I picked up a skein in her blue label sock yarn and I am in love. It’s beautiful and punchy, and more variegated than I typically go for, so the question now is, what to do with it?

I’ve considered Jane Richmond’s lovely Strathcona:


And Martina Behm’s Lintilla:


I have never knitted either of these patterns, though I have done patterns from both designers before and I know I love their work. Both these patterns are simple enough that the textural pieces will allow the variegated yarn to shine, and both are great summer pieces.

But I am totally open to suggestions too! Anyone know of a great pattern for 400 yards of sock yarn that will show off these colours they way they deserve? Of the 2 above, which one would you vote for?

Tanis Fiber Arts Iris

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