Down East

Down East

Preparing for another trip – leaving tomorrow morning for the beautiful east coast. I will finally see Nova Scotia, which will leave Saskatchewan as the only province I haven’t shot yet (province, mind you, I’ve got plans for the territories!). At this point, having not seen Nova Scotia yet, it is my humble opinion that Newfoundland is the most beautiful province I’ve ever been to – not to mention the friendliest.  Here are some of my favourite shots of this gorgeous province.

Giant icebergs drift serenely past in the cove.

The lighthouse at Fort Amherst.

The walk up Signal Hill can be a bit tricky – luckily for us there were chains ;)

Jellybean houses on a typical, crazy, St. John’s hill.

The beautiful neighbourhood of the battery – where staunch Newfoundlanders have built their homes right into the cliff face.

A puffin – cutest bird ever! Folks down east refer to them as ‘Flying Potatoes’ I can see why they think so.

And another shot of the Battery – have an amazing week and I’ll post some lovely photos of beautiful Nova Scotia when I come home =D

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