Etsy Update on Tuesday – That’s all folks!

Etsy Update on Tuesday – That’s all folks!

This Tuesday I will be listing my very last pieces of resin for sale through Etsy. After those pieces are gone, the Etsy site will focus exclusively on my knitting patterns and I will produce resin for sale by commission only.

It was a tough decision for me – but I can only pump energy into one thing, and I have chosen it to be my book. I am much more interested in seeing what you will make with resin now! I will continue to grow my resin skills and share inspiration, tips and tutorials on the blog, but my days of listing things and trekking them off to the post office are done :)

Resin for sale

Here’s a sneak peek of what will be available. The pieces that have no bezel are resin on all sides, with the bail sealed in both with glue and resin to give a perfectly smooth back. The sides have been hand-sanded to remove any hard edges. I hope you see something you love and I’m looking forward to the next stage of my resining life!

Pssst – don’t forget to enter my contest! Tomorrow will be the last opportunity, winner to be announced on Wednesday!

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