Fall With Sweet Georgia Contest!

Fall With Sweet Georgia Contest!

A few weeks ago I was thrilled to announce my inclusion as a designer in the collection ‘Fall With Sweet Georgia 2015’ for my pattern, the ‘Siesta’ cowl. It was such an amazing experience, I’m not afraid to tell you that I literally embarrassed all my friends by doing a happy dance in a parking lot when I got the email letting me know that my pattern had been chosen :)

Today I want to focus on some of the other, absolutely stunning patterns in the collection. I want to get knitting, and it’s super had to choose! One of these will definitely come along as my honeymoon knitting project, the question is, which one? Let’s see….

First off, here’s the release post and Lookbook. Absolutely a must-see – check it out!

Here are my faves:

Number one (and no wonder, it was used on the cover): Reiland by Corrina Ferguson.

I LOVE the shape. I love how it looks like it sits on the shoulders and does. not. budge. That lace! DK weight lace! *swoon*.



A little too complicated for vacation knitting though, so next up is ‘Aine’ by Linda Marveng. How comfortable does this look? And, be still my beating heart, the cables are REVERSIBLE. That one detail alone is enough to make me want to sequester myself with tea and knitting for a few days. Yes, this is definitely my lead contender.023_SGY-FW15 024_SGY-FW15

This one is *probably* too ambitious for vacation knitting, but then there’s all that time in airport where you can use something a little spicier to work on, so who knows? And just look at that texture… this is ‘Vineyard’ by Klever Knits. I’m not usually a purple person, but even the colour of this knit kills me.052_SGY-FW15

And finally, the ‘Waggle Hat and Mittens‘ by Yvette Noel, and not only because the name is awesome. Toronto got super chilly this week, and the first place I always feel it is in my hands! I’m sure by the time we come home it will be that much chiller, perhaps the prudent thing is to come home with smooshy new mittens?057_SGY-FW15

So what do you guys think? Check out the rest of the collection on Ravelry here and leave a note in the comments telling me what I should take on vacation! Leave me your email address and/or Ravelry ID as well and you could win a free copy of your favourite pattern! Winner will be chosen at random on Monday morning and be contacted via email or Ravelry, stay tuned to the blog find out what I’ll me taking on my honeymoon :)

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