This is the strangest thing, but I never realized that every single photo ever posted to the Blue Brick was taken by me! So of course I totally forgot to credit my incredible wedding photographer Tami MacInnis of Tami MacInnis Photography. This has now been rectified :) If you’re looking for a talented photog in the GTA I absolutely recommend her!


Regular readers may recall that I lost my knitting on the day of the wedding (boo!) and that it was chock full of sentimental goodness. I’m pleased to report that my knitting has been rescued by my parents (turned out it was under the seat in their car) so I’m feeling pretty relieved. No one who isn’t a knitter could possibly understand the significance of the little ball of scrunched up fabric and string. In celebration, here are some shots of the knitting (and my bridal henna) on the wedding day.

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