Found this beautiful quote and just had to share.

Found this beautiful quote and just had to share.

The photo is one I took of the 2 sisters roving I’m working on, and I found the quote online – feel free to click on it for a bigger version, enjoy!

Spinning - Photo ©Shireen Nadir 2012

Here’s something else I learned from a friend, quoted from wikipedia:

The charkha (etymologically related to Chakra) was both a tool and a symbol of the Indian independence movement. The charkha, a small, portable, hand-cranked wheel, is ideal for spinning cotton and other fine, short-staple fibers, though it can be used to spin other fibers as well. The size varies, from that of a hardbound novel to the size of a briefcase, to a floor charkha. Mahatma Gandhi brought the charkha into larger use with his teachings. He hoped the charkha would assist the peoples of India achieve self-sufficiency and independence, and so used the charkha as a symbol of the Indian independence movement and included it on earlier versions of the Flag of India.


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