This is what it looks like outside right now.


Which makes right now a perfect time to blog about the Knitter’s Frolic, because goodness knows I can use some colour at the moment.


My goodies for the day – 3 skeins of sock yarn, one of which will be Tito’s first knitted socks (you can all guess which manly (read:boring) colourway is his) and 2 pairs for me that are intended, ultimately, to result in socks that are visible from space.

2 skeins of Madeline Tosh (at last!) in a light turquoise that shall become a ginormous lace covered, I-almost-developed-a-drinking-problem-while-knitting-this shawl. I even already have the dress it’s going to go with (see how organized I am?)

2 skeins of baby alpaca (I lied, this is not from the frolic at all – I bought it at the lovely St. Jacob’s farmer’s market, more on that later). It’s heaven to touch. Big scarf coming from this as well.

And a lovely new project bag from this gorgeous rack:


This year I had knitting buddies Rayna and Leslie with me, in addition to the patient Tito. Leslie found Musk Ox roving that made the aforementioned baby alpaca feel like sand paper.


And also this silk hankie that I can’t wait to see her spin. Makes me wish I could get my spinning skills back on track!


Speaking of someone with actual spinning skills – she’s taken on spinning up my precious gifted Aurora roving – very excited to see it finished :)





And… I organized the stash because I was having trouble fitting my new yarn in there it was getting messy. After I was done I decided that a yarn diet might be in order – I’m going to follow Crystal Diva’s lead and decide that in order to ‘earn’ new yarn I’ve got to knit up a few skeins of what I’ve got (number TBD. My resolve is not strong on this).


So much colour, just what this dreary days needs. Know what it doesn’t need? Grey socks, but I just turned the heel on Tito’s… the things we do for love :)

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