Furbaby Love

Furbaby Love


Whenever we show in Niagara-on-the-lake we get to stay at our friend Kim’s place, aka the Gryphon Ridge Highland Cattle Farm. It’s always a treat for us city mice, and I sleep far better at Kim’s then I do at home. The crickets at night and the rooster in the morning sure beat the sound of the highway.


In the morning there is a great exodus of cattle, as Bucky the patriarch moves the herd from the back of the field, where it’s cooler at night, to the front where there is a lean-to that gives good shade.


This past weekend there was an extra treat; a baby! This furry little guy is less than 2 weeks old in the photo, and he’s all kinds of cuddly. Just look at that fur!


There is more than one baby, just look at this adorable little bull. He’s super friendly with people and even gives kisses.


Here’s another baby pic – love this guy.


I found out recently that you can spin highland cattle hair! It’s unbelievably soft, to my surprise. Kim has a lady who takes the hair that the cows shed  and spins it up. She named it by cow and brought it to the Frogpond show:

IMG_0694-(1)Pretty cool stuff, something for me to try later :)



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