Glass tiles

Glass tiles

This week I wanted to feature a new medium I’m playing with that everyone seems to love – using glass tiles to carry artwork. These tiles can be used to make pendants, fridge magnets, keychains, zipper pulls…. I’ll bet there are tons more that I just haven’t thought of.

These Serenity Prayer pieces were made as a gift for a dear friend – but they also show how words and sayings can be laid out to fit within the tiles as well. I’ve also used this method to show logos.

I also toyed with the idea of using photographs of portraits instead of just landscapes.

The tiles come in a few different sizes, and prices are as follows:

Small – 24 mm Circle $25

Large – 35 mm Circle $35

22 x 30 mm Oval $30

24 x 48 mm Rectangle $30

Small – 24 mm Square $25

Large – 35 mm Square $35

I can use my own artwork, or yours, but please contact me for guidelines regarding digital image submission. nothing complicated – images need to be able to crop within the size you’ve chosen, be a decent resolution, not be copyrighted etc.

The tiles are glass, and the bails on the back are silver. I use jeweller’s grade ice resin to seal the back, so your pendant is waterproof and won’t yellow over time. Please email me with any orders as I’ve taken my Etsy store temporarily offline – while I prepare for my fall art show =o)

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