Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!


It’s a lovely evening, even if it is -18 with the wind chill. I’m cleaning and baking and preparing to have a few close friends over to ring in the new year.

2013 was good :) It was my first year as an owner in my agency. I took up yoga, became an author, made lots of stuff and learned a ton along the way about resin and polymer clay. I started sewing and made half a quilt. We went to El Salvador, drove to Winnipeg and I went to Italy. I had a lot of opportunity to teach in Karate, and brought my self defence course to more women. Most importantly I met lots of great people, and became closer to a few beautiful friends that we will see in our lives for decades to come.

Here’s to ending the year right, with people we love and good food. From our family, 2&4 legged, we wish you a beautiful, healthy, prosperous 2014!

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