I am a Bad Blogger

I am a Bad Blogger

…And I should feel Bad.


I have all kinds of stuff to talk about (and some stuff that I can’t wait to talk about, but have to keep on the low for a few more weeks) but I’ve just been too disorganized to really it together for a blog post. We’ve been so busy; we were at the Niagara Jazz Festival Etsy Market, the Niagara-on-the-Lake Farmers Market for a few weeks, and the Niagara Pumphouse annual Art By the Lighthouse show last weekend.


We’ve gotten really good at loading our car, we no longer get lost in Niagara-on-the-Lake, we’ve eaten a lot of delicious (unhealthy) road food and show food and late night bar food, and we’re tired and happy.


We’ve gotten some cool new displays set up (more on that later) and produced some gorgeous sterling silver work, and created some cute drawings to tell people about what we do and encourage them to try things on, but that’s not here either.


I knitted something. I knitted it so furiously and with such speed that I hurt my wrist. I can’t blog about it… but now that my wrists are better and I’m free to start a new project I’m overwhelmed with possibility.


I’m spinning, and dyeing, but I haven’t documented it.


Today though, today all I have for you are photos of the sky. I shot the sky all the way there, all weekend, and all the way back. Apparently, there was hell to be had in the township over, or back in Toronto, or in St Catharines the night prior… but somehow our art show existed in a perfect, clear blue sky with perfect weather. Lucky us!