Ice and Stars on the Bruce Peninsula

Ice and Stars on the Bruce Peninsula

This past weekend Tito and I drove up to the Bruce for a quick city getaway. We stayed at the Round House – an absolutely beautiful B&B in Tobermory. The lady was really sweet, the living room was huge and had beautiful picture windows that faced the lake – we couldn’t have asked for better! We loved it so much we booked another weekend right away – we’re going back for Tito’s birthday.

Tobermory and the surrounding area are beautiful in winter – the trails are pretty much empty, everything is frozen over and there are some spectacular photos to be taken – Here are a few of my favourites!

On the Cyprus Lake hiking trail.

Cyprus Lake

This is the area known as the Grotto. It’s a popular spot in the summer time, and starkly beautiful in the winter. Pictures don’t convey this, but the water was icy and the waves were huge. The result of all that spray hitting the area had created a beautiful coat of ice on every surface.

Tito in front of some trees that show the effect of the surf. One side is totally covered in ice, the other side is normal.

The Grotto itself

I couldn’t get enough of these ice formations…

Georgian Bay

Of course, long drives are also solid knitting time; I made excellent progress on my first sweater…

And I just had to include two more – Tobermory is a dark sky reserve. We took many stunning star shots, but these are my favourites;

In this shot you can almost really see the Milky Way…

But this shot was my favourite. Taken in complete darkness, out the B&B window, with a 45 minute long shutter. It looks like an evening shot filled with shooting stars.

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