Inspira – Autumn in Ontario

Inspira – Autumn in Ontario

I wanted to share something special today that I’ve been working very hard on, and that I’m very proud of. Inspired by the absolutely stunning Autumn we had here in Ontario I wanted to create Inspira jewellery inspired by the colours and beauty of Fall. I had used real lava in my Inspira Kiluea bracelet and I was intrigued by trying to find a way to include real leaves in my jewellery. After *much* experimentation and many, many piles of Fail, I created a technique for preserving leaves perfectly in silver frames – and here are the results =o)

6 Leaf ‘medallions’, perserved and encased in silver plated, nickel-free frames, coated in jewellers grade resin for protection and shine. The bracelet is finished with powerful, easy, silver magnets and a silver leaf.

This necklace has 3 leaf medallions joined with silver rings, on a silver chain with magnet clasps.

I also created a series of pendants, with a single silver leaf detail hanging from the bottom.

And earrings =o)

These beautiful autumn keepsake pieces will be available at my upcoming show next month. After the show is done I will put some up on my Etsy site; I’ve been preserving leaves while I can so I’ll be able to produce a few more over the winter. In the spring I’ll try the same technique I’ve developed on leaves and flower petals, I can’t wait !