Inspira – Newfoundland Icebergs

Inspira – Newfoundland Icebergs

I’m inspired by so many things, and I love to express that inspiration in so many different mediums. Lately I’ve been playing with an idea called ‘Inspira’ – the idea that a photo can inspire a bracelet, that a skein of hand dyed wool can inspire a pottery glaze, that a sunset can be expressed in a pair of crystal earrings…. you get the idea ;o)

This latest piece draws it’s inspiration from 2 sources; The colours and textures are drawn from a photograph I took last summer of icebergs in Newfoundland. I loved the stately way they moved across the ocean, these icy giants. The deep blue of the ocean, the frosted white of the ice, the clear deep blue of solid ice veins and the stunning aquamarine of the ice melting into the ocean all found their way into the mix.

The charm bracelet shape of it is inspired by the first bracelet my mom designed. It’s playful yet solid and unpredictable nature seemed evocative to me of the natural beauty of icebergs. The bracelet is based around a silver chain with silver findings, white & frosted white stones, and a variety of blue and white swarovski crystals, finished with silver filigree cones and powerful, easy to clip magnetic clasps.

This is one of the first pieces of jewelry designed to be for sale at my upcoming art show this Christmas season, entitled ‘Inspira’. More pieces to come soon =o)

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