Inspira show pottery

Inspira show pottery

Enough about jewellery! Though I have some lovely new pieces coming soon I wanted to take this opportunity to share some of the pottery that will be in the Pre-Christmas craft sale on November 24th.

ceramic plate

This dinner plate was hand painted – inspired by Mt. Kiluea in Hawaii.

ceramic serving plate

This large serving plate has a raised area in the centre for holding dip.

ceramic serving plate

Another serving plate – this one with handles.

ceramic serving bowl

This large serving bowl is in the same glaze as the large plate – I love the bronzing effect!

ceramic mugs

Can you tell I love brown and turquoise? These traditional mugs are the same from my blog banner.

ceramic bowl

This large bowl is hand-painted on the inside and stained/hand carved on the outside.

ceramic rice bowl

This small rice bowl received the same treatment.

ceramic vase

This little blue vase was hand-painted with slip to give that textured look – it has a much larger sister that’s in the kiln right now, I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

And lets not forget the wooly muggeth – complete with handmade non-slip cosy =o)

ceramic pitcher

This is a selection of the beautiful colourful pitchers that will be included.

There are more things coming out the kiln but I wanted to share these =o) I was scared of how the pottery would turn out for the show, but as it stands I’m quite pleased with the collection!

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