Inspira – the show

Inspira – the show

I want to thank everyone who came out to support me last night – the show turned out just perfectly and I couldn’t have asked for more. Everyone I spoke to was having a great time, the displays all turned out beautifully, my best friends were all so helpful and supportive and best of all we were able to make a nice donation to a special needs school here in Toronto afterwards. This was my mom’s first time showing her work, it takes courage, and I’m proud of her.

Items that did not sell last night will be moved to an Etsy store to live for the next while, so if you missed it, fear not! There will be a link available soon.

Once more, thank you all for coming out, I can’t express how much I appreciate the support =o)

This photo is a bit out of focus, but here I am with my three best girlfriends ♥ This is the only photo in the world that has all of us in it! It may be blurry, but it’s a pretty amazing photo to have nonetheless. I have known two of these girls for most of my life.

And here’s mom! Alas, Amanda got cut out of the shot somehow, but you can see a few inches of sexy leg and pale pumps on the left ;o)

The main display table

Some of the pottery



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