It comes when it wants to…

It comes when it wants to…

And not when it’s convenient. So it goes that the day my urge to make jewellery returns happens to be two weeks before a major exam. Ah well.

There’s no turning away once an Idea has taken hold though – so I present my latest foray into jeweller’s grade resin. I did this last year with leaves – and got mixed results. This year I’ve changed my approach and I think I’ve really hit upon something beautiful.

I picked up these closed back bezels from Beadfx a few weeks ago.

I also prepared the petals of a tiger lily. No flowers were hurt in the making of this piece – we found one that had fallen to the ground. The flower petals need to be prepared just right in order to maintain their colour but not retain any moisture that could cause trouble later – this was a problem with some of my leaves.

I use jeweller’s grade resin – it won’t yellow over time and is water resistant.

ice resin pendant

Voila :)

I will definitely be trying my new approach with this years autumn leaves.

Extra points if anyone can tell me what book this is – it’s my all-time favourite.

I love the results. I’m going to give them a few weeks to cure – to make sure the colours don’t change. As soon as I’m sure it works I’ll be making a lot more; I had a bazillion ideas on how to take this further for the next round!


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