It’s official – I’m in love.

It’s official – I’m in love.

Just a little update for what’s on the needles – The Colour Affection shawl is coming along nicely, despite the fact that every row feels like an eternity now. We went to the Purple Purl on the weekend to pick up the final colour. So far it’s chocolate and mint. I thought, Mallard? Deep Sea? Olive? Peacock?

But then Tito pulled down a skein of this. Pink Grapefruit. I was appalled at his choice, but then he held it against the shawl and it was…. perfect. Totally, unexpectedly perfect. To seal the deal he said ‘It reminds me of neopolitan ice-cream.’

So there you go. A colour I have never bought and would never choose has just become my new favourite. I loved it so much I caved in and bought a skein of it in Tanis’ new Red Label Cashmere Silk yarn. It’s soft and squishy and the colours seem somehow more saturated than the blue label (it’s the one on the bottom right). I bought the pattern for the Fairview scarf right away and cast on.

Because donating all that yarn meant I had space for more, right?

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