June Club Colour – Rose Gold

June Club Colour – Rose Gold

For the inaugural club colour I wanted to do something a bit different – classy and a little understated, but very summery and chic all the same. I decided to take a crack at a colour that normally appears under much shinier circumstances (and I confess to being worried it wouldn’t work) but I was delighted with the results :)

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 4.11.07 PM

Clockwise from left (not including yarn shots) Cake Pops, Eyeshadow, Hair, Headphones, Shoes.

Remember – this is an opt-in club, so no membership required! From 9am EST on Thursday June 1st until 9pm on Friday June 2nd Rose Gold will be listed for sale on our website, along with all the other normal colours. You’ll be able to order any base and quantity you like, including (drumroll!) Lace and Worsted! Starting June 1st I will also be adding lace and worsted for all our standard colourways.

After 9pm Friday I’ll take the colour down and start dyeing to order. Please note: for this particular colour there is no inspiration photo, and because I’m dyeing to order, fulfillment may take up to 4 weeks (though we will endeavour to make it much, much sooner).

Lace weight will be 600 yards on a delicious Merino/Cashmere/Nylon base. It’s got a bit of shine to it and feels like heaven. Skeins will be $42 ea. (same price as the MCN, since this is our new luxury base). The worsted will be 200 yards of a very squishy worsted, with great stitch definition and wonderful drape and softness. I know you’ll love them both!

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