Kensington Market Festival of Lights 2010

Kensington Market Festival of Lights 2010

Last night we were out shooting again – this time at Kensington Market’s annual festival to celebrate the winter solstice. I love this celebration because of how much crowd participation there is, everyone makes their own little light at home and brings it out with family and friends to help light the longest night of the year.

Celebrations of the longest night of the year are very old; the return of the sun is probably one of the oldest metaphors in human history for the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness. It’s also an old metaphor for renewal and new life, all beautiful things =o)

I love this one! Someone made an angler fish.

These last two pictures were my favourite shots, I’ll be looking to turn one, or both of them into paintings. Next shoot will be this Friday, at the Met’s Christmas eve presentation =o)

I’ve had a great year, I’ve enjoyed starting this blog and sharing my work with others. The positivity and encouragement that has come back to me has been enormous and I’m so grateful! I wish everyone a wonderful holiday season, celebrated in whatever way makes them happy, filled with warmth, family, friends and good food =o)

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