KW Knitters Madness!

KW Knitters Madness!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who came out to our booth at the KW Knitters Fair this weekend! This was our first time doing that fair, and honestly, it was crazy pants. I have to give special thanks to Kathryn, our tech-editor extraordinaire but also our assistant that day who made things go *much* smoother for us. We met so many lovely, cheerful, enthusiastic people, you knitters are honestly the best people ever.


We set up the night before, thinking we had brought enough product, and we were so, so wrong. The next morning while we were milling around an intimidating voice came on the intercom and said “PLEASE BE ADVISED. WE ARE CLOSING THE LOADING DOORS NOW. WE WILL BE OPENING TO THE PUBLIC IN 5 MINUTES”. Of course, that sounded a bit dramatic at the time, but I was wrong about that too.

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About 10 minutes later there was a line up into our booth that went right into the walkway. I can’t thank everyone enough for their patience with the crowds, their patience with us, and for thinking our yarn was good enough to line up for. It was incredible, and pretty humbling. It was also hard to get lunch.


Jelly bean cakes did well! Well enough that I will try making a few more, possibly on our usual bases. The lovely Danielle from Spun Fibre Arts picked up quite a few pieces for her store, so if you missed the event and you’re in the GTA – go check them out! We’re hoping to start sending regular shipments to Spun Fibre Arts if there is a good reception to the product, so stay tuned for that!


Now we have a bit of a break until our next show in Calgary – details coming soon! We are also closing on the house this Thursday, never a dull moment :)

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