Le Pop – Quidi Vidi Lake

Le Pop – Quidi Vidi Lake

Le Pop! Was on the weekend, and I think we can say it was a success. I got to enjoy the other booths and artists, a super tasty brunch at Nyood Bar and chat about creativity all day long. Lots of people stopped at the booth and admired the photography and asked me where my favourite place in the world to shoot was. And I told them “Newfoundland”. Here is the bracelet created for Quidi Vidi Lake:

 Quidi Vidi Lake, Newfoundland

Inspired by a lake just outside of St. John’s, Quidi Vidi Lake is a beautiful, serene spot. I took this long exposure, capturing the movement of the waves and the rocks and it gave birth to my last bracelet:

5 different sizes and colours of Swarovski are paired with charcoal and earth coloured Japanese glass delicas, and strung onto 7 different strands that cross cross each other to form this organic little bracelet.

It was fun preparing for the show, but I’m definitely ready to re-focus and move onto other projects. And summer is in full blast here… maybe I should even take some time off to have some fun!

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