Mexican Lace Scarf

Mexican Lace Scarf

I took this off the loom a few weeks ago, but it was uncertain whether I would get nice FO shots of it because, alas, I left the bedroom door open and my kitties got on it and clawed the heck out of it.

I found it like that. Honest.

I found it like that. Honest.

However, we managed to wrangle most of the threads back into place. This was my stash busting scarf, using less than 50g of each colour.


Incidentally, this is the best, fastest and cheapest was to wind up a bobbin:


I am using a variation of Leno Lace to vary up my panels a bit. It might just be the kitty damage, but I felt it looked much nicer under tension on the loom than it looked blocked, which is something you don’t hear too often!



However, the size is generous, and the yarns are all either silk, merino, or both so it’s delicious to wear!


And it happens to go very nicely with our new shawl pins :)

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