A few years ago, Tito and visited Vancouver Island, rented a car and drove to Tofino. We shot there for several days; the driftwood, the kilometres of empty beaches, the massive trees, Tofino was a dream. We went during the off season, so it felt like we had this magical place to ourselves.


The mist created a very cool effect; there was little to no definition in the day at all. The tide was out and the ocean seemed so far away.


There was a shot I took that day that has always felt kind of magical to me. It’s a picture of the sand and the ocean and the sun, but so very different from the way we typically imagine sand, ocean and sun. Rather than powerful blues in the sky, a blazing sun, warm brown sand and an ocean going through all the blues and greens we expect, I saw this:


I forgot about the shot and moved on. But lately I’ve been experimenting with grey, and in my search for the perfect grey (not too cold, not too slate, not too dark… grey is more complex than you’d think!) I remembered this colourless day. Little-to-no details in the world, defined by shadows and shimmers and little else.


“Mist” is the result. A gentle semi solid that will show up detailed patterns as beautifully as stockinette and is warm and silvery, without feeling flat. I went through several grey iterations before hitting the right mix, and there are so many dyes in here to make this shade. There is taupe, black, grey, brown, gold …. we’ll definitely need to make big batches of the dye now that we’ve nailed the recipe.


I am in love, and Mist will be joining the permanent collection in our next shop update, scheduled for November 1st. It will include Mist, the holiday pop up (Sugar Plums) and a few other goodies (TBA).


Some people would have decided that the day was too cold and wet and glum for a walk along the beach, and eschewed the idea in favour of a fire, a hot drink, a good book. These things were tempting us that day, but we are photographers, and that means that we pursue those unique conditions of light that can redefine a typical scene and make magic out of the ordinary. I was very grateful for the gifts we got on that morning walk, and I hope you enjoy the new yarn as much as I enjoyed making it.




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