Music to my ears

Music to my ears

So we drove to NYC on the weekend (more on that later) and I was looking for a good knitting project to take up the time. Tito had just received his first pair of socks and he was lovin’ em.


So, glumly, I went to the stash and stated poking around looking for something boring masculine enough that he would wear it (not a likely event in my stash) when Tito said ‘You know, I feel like if socks are hand made, they should look a little funky’. Funky.

Well. These are the socks he’s getting. Yes, he chose the colour.


They were a perfect road trip project. Here they are demonstrating the proper use of our cup-holder.


I turned the heel by the border.


They saw lots of upstate New York.


I finished the first one on the road, he should have a pair by the weekend.


A man who loves funky, ankle length socks. How lucky am I?

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