Never give up on the ones you love

Never give up on the ones you love

…especially shoes.

I bought a beautiful pair of flip flops from 9West earlier this summer and they didn’t even last til August! The purple jewel in the front of one of them fell out leaving behind an ugly metal hole… or a perfect resin bezel.

I was upset for about 5 minutes before I thought ‘wait a minute, you’re an artist, figure something out!’. Out came the resin and some leftover washi from my resin bracelets.

  • I filled the hole (bezel) with a paper cutout with a pretty texture on it,
  • I celebrated my chance to get away from the giant purple stone which had really been my least favourite bit
  • I set up an elaborately balanced arrangement to allow me to fill the bezels
  • I waited a few days and then wore my new shoes with pride.
I actually think it looks nicer now. Honestly. Ah, the many benefits of resin!
Never give up on good shoes, these ones will last into October ;)

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