New family member

New family member

Our family loves animals – I’ve got 2 beautiful cats living with me, my parents have a bunny and, until a week ago, a beautiful little albino ferret. We also had a dog who sadly had to be put to sleep last spring. I don’t remember a time in my life when we didn’t have animal companions, even my earliest memories are filled with fish, hamsters and guinea pigs.

Last week we lost our beautiful little ferret at a healthy old age. She was loving and funny and full of antics and we miss her very much.

We just knew that we couldn’t be ferret-less so today we brought home this little guy: Meet the insanely adorable ferret who no one has managed to definitively name yet ;) We’ve tried out bandit, pokito (which means little bit), pepe, Tingu (which means shorty) and josé.

He’s a 4 week old sable ferret with a lovely little bandit mask, and he’s already got us wrapped around his little fingers.

He’s as hyper as a Tazmanian devil,  cute as a button and settled into my parents home very quickly. By the end of a very active evening he was sleeping in my moms arms. He’s very small, so he still needs lots of ‘mommy’ type love.

Our entire family, the friends he met, the neighbours, everyone is in love with him. I foresee a very spoiled ferret in our future :)

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