New Goodies for Friday – Carnelian & Chrysocolla

New Goodies for Friday – Carnelian & Chrysocolla

PSST – Longbeach, the April club colour, comes out tomorrow, along with these beauties  in our online store!


Here’s something totally different from Jade :) A rich, deep red, inspired by an actual sample of Carnelian stone.


Going along with my theme of looking up stone meanings:

Carnelian (also sometimes referred to as cornelian) is found primarily in India, as well as various sites in South America. It is a variety of chalcedony. The most favorable pieces are a deep red to red-orange hue. Carnelian has a long and storied past, and was once considered strictly the property of the noble class. People holding a high social status were often buried with this gem stone. Source


Next up, Chrysocolla:


Also a rich and varied colour, based off a gorgeous blue/green stone,

Chrysocolla Gemstone meaning
Chrysocolla is a very beautiful stone with many beneficial energies.It is known as a healing stone among Native American Indian cultures where it was used for strengthening the body’s resistance and bringing about calm feelings where there is upset.Chrysocolla is a stone of peace, increased wisdom, discretion.It promotes level headedness, encouraging clarity of thought and a neutral, cool attitude during turbulence. It can be used to decrease nervousness and irritability.


And finally, ‘Longbeach’, ‘Jad’e and the Ombré series yarn ‘Ocean Fortress’ will also be released tomorrow! Remember, Longbeach is only available for three days! See you at our online store this weekend :)