Noro Scarf

Noro Scarf

Sometimes you just need the weaving equivalent of instant gratification.


Warp and weft are both Noro Taiyo Sock. I didn’t try to keep my colours in line or do anything special, just wove it on a 10-dent heddle the same as if it was all one colour, and let the fabulous Noro colours do their thing.


You can definitely see the warp much more than the weft, and I confess I was hoping for the colour shifting in the weft to be more obvious, but I’m still very happy with it.


2 skeins on a 10-dent heddle gave me a scarf that’s 70″ x 18″, not bad! The scarf was easy, fast and super gratifying.


It’s a good canvas to show off one of the shawl pins Tito and I have been churning out :)


Spring is here, but as of last week the lake was still largely frozen. Old man winter can’t hang on forever though!

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