Photo-take-outter Friday #15 – Aerials

Photo-take-outter Friday #15 – Aerials

It’s a hot one in Toronto! This week we’re creeping up against the 50 degree with humidex mark. There are emergency cooling centres around the city, you can fry an egg on the sidewalk and the AC in my office is broken. Luckily for me… I love the heat. I love it so much that I can sit outside and knit wooly things for people in it.

Lake, lake, lake, smog.

That doesn’t mean that the idea of a cold dip in the pool after work doesn’t sound mighty fine though ;) and while I was contemplating that I thought of the aerial photography I did of the lake last year, and decided to feature aerials for a blog post. Heat, pool, lake, photography. Yes, that was how that went.

I wanted to remember Ontario Place, before they do whatever horrid thing they’re going to do to it.

Aerial photography is, no contest, the best part of my job. I love it so much that I’m starting flying lessons this year – let’s see how that goes ;)

Oooohhh….. cineflex….

She’s a stunner, this city of ours :)

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