Polyester Casting Resin (or, Why My Home Smells Bad)

Polyester Casting Resin (or, Why My Home Smells Bad)

So last night I bought polyester casting resin for the first time and decided to give it a whirl. I mixed it carefully according to what I understood the instructions to be, added some red dye and poured it into my bangle mold.

Here’s the letter I left for Tito in the morning:


The word ‘cured’ has no place in our home today. This stuff…congealed… into a sticky mess. Only the liberal application of cheap nail polish remover and the sacrifice of several layers of my skin enabled me to clean up the mess and save the mold. Also, if you’re wondering why the place smells like satan’s garage, this is why. By the way, the cats might be high.

It was as unsuccessful a resin experience as I could imagine. While it’s refreshing humbling different to be completely back in learning mode with a resin, I’ve got to admit that it was also as unpleasant an experience as I could ask for. The stuff smells like industrial strength solvent, and if you get it on your hands it’s as thick and sticky as honey, if honey smelled like an industrial strength solvent and required a bottle of acetone to wash off.

Yep. You win some you lose some. My Friday Shiny is on hold pending a successful pour with this smelly stuff, whereupon I will show off my success. In the meantime, I shall welcome this chilly Canadian November 1st with our windows wide open….